Yeh Hai Mohabbtein: Nidhi Drinks And Says No One Can Catch Me Watch 27th September 2016 Update

Raman attacks that person. Madhu tells Ananya that she is lucky to have them and everybody is so busy as we have problems.  The man says we have no records for that lady. Simmi talks on the phone and says she is coming. Neelu says courier has come. Simmi says take that. She says he is saying he will give only to you.

Simmi goes and takes the parcel. She opens parcel. An apple was in the box and she gets shocked who gave this apple. A letter was inside and it was written that you are so special to me and I sent you apple. Ananya goes to Simmi. Simmi says she is getting late and she has to go.

ishita-ramanAbhishek asks  whom you doubt. Ishita says may be Shagun and Nidhi. Raman says that Shagun cannot do that as she will not harm her son. Ishita says then Nidhi. Nidhi has done this and she planned everything. Simmi comes home and becomes frustrated that her client went and she sees her favorite songs in a pen drive.

She thinks in the morning someone gave apple and now this pen drive. Simmi asks Neelu who came in my room. Neelu says I don’t know. Mihika asks what happened and why are you angry. She gives her kheer and says Ananya asked to make kheer. Simmi says she is upset as everything is happening wrong. I got an apple as a courier and now a pen drive is here.

Mihika laughs and says she has a secret admirer. Simmi says no. Mihika says maybe this is of someone else pen drive. She asks to eat kheer and not to take tension. Simmi thinks yes Mihika is right. Ananya goes to Sharvana and says thank you as our plan worked and she liked apple and songs and she came in tension but now she is relaxed.

Shravan asks if she is happy. She says yes I wanted to make her feel special. Shravan says ok we ishita calls Mihir and says how is everything in the office. Mihir says Romy is helping him so much and not opposing him. Mihir asks to focus on code. Police bring Nidhi. Nidhi says what I have done. Ishita says don’t you dare to harm my children. Nidhi says why would I do that

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