Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2016 Written Episode Updates: Naira Dances Over Akshara’s song!

Yeh-Rishta-Kya-Kehlata-Hai 7th August 2016

Naira foreplay Gayu. they want all the most effective to every different. Gayu says i do know you may high and build USA proud. Nigerian monetary unit says I simply have to be compelled to pass, its fine if I don’t come back 1st. They decision one another best. Naksh asks them to travel currently.

Nigerian monetary unit asks Gayu to require Akshara on and leaves. Akshara asks Gayu to travel and begin her event, Nigerian monetary unit will want American state here, its impracticable for her to urge prepared on own, I trust you, you may had best. Akshara leaves with Naksh. Gayu gets unhappy. Naksh and Nigerian monetary unit greet Guru Maa. Guru Maa blesses Nigerian monetary unit. Akshara greets and thanks Guru Maa for teaching Nigerian monetary unit, you inspired Nigerian monetary unit a great deal. Nigerian monetary unit goes to urge prepared. Akshara says don’t grasp, Gayu reached or not.

Yeh-Rishta-Kya-Kehlata-Hai 7th August 2016

Hindu calendar month gets Rajshri and Vishwamber to Gayu’s exhibition and say i’ll simply see exhibition quick and so head to examine Naira’s dance event, family is with American state thus Naksh won’t say something.

Gayu collides with Hindu calendar month and apologizes. He asks her to relax and encourages her. Nigerian monetary unit says I didn’t prepared, whom shall I decision, i’ll see if Naksh is there. She goes out and asks Naksh to assist her, she can’t make preparations alone. Naksh smiles and calls Akshara. He says nobody will assist you higher than Akshara. Nigerian monetary unit asks Akshara why did she keep here, Gayu wants you. Akshara says once you make preparations, I will go, you’ll be able to assume American state as artisan or hair dresser.

Devyaani says we tend to can’t decision anyone currently. Hindu calendar month says Akshara referred to as American state and aforementioned I ought to facilitate Gayu until she comes, she’s going to come back presently. Gayu goes. Rama says Gayu’s bravery would have augmented if Akshara was here. Rajshri says don’t worry, Akshara can come back.

Akshara makes Nigerian monetary unit prepared and says i’ll leave currently. Gayu calls her and tells concerning show stopper piece breaking. Akshara says I m coming back, don’t worry. She needs all the most effective to Nigerian monetary unit. Naira’s dupatta gets torn and Akshara stops.

Nigerian monetary unit says however can I manage currently. Gayu cries and says everything concluded. Hindu calendar month pacifies her. Nigerian monetary unit panics. Akshara asks her to relax and zip can happen if she panics.

Naira argues. Akshara says you must be ready for such things, I m doing this, clam up currently, I even have to travel to Gayu too. She stitches the dupatta. Hindu calendar month calls Akshara and she or he doesn’t answer. Gayu says its higher I withdraw than obtaining affronted, its everywhere. She cries. the person asks her to decision her model. Gayu says Akshara simply worries for Nigerian monetary unit. He says i feel she is trapped in real drawback. Gayu says she may have come back, however didn’t, I required her, once can she come back, we’ve to mend this.

Akshara comes running. Hindu calendar month says she has come back. Akshara asks Gayu to not worry, everything can get fine. Gayu says that jewellery stone-broke. The show stopper spherical starts. Akshara wears the show stopper piece and walks on the stage. everybody smile.

Akshara asks Hindu calendar month wherever is Gayu. Hindu calendar month says she is named backstage. Akshara says she would be aggravated with American state. He says she did best and you probably did what a mother will do. the person says second spherical is delayed by technical drawback. He says I m with you, i’ll take you to Naira’s event when Gayu’s second spherical. She asks him to not do something wrong. He says I promise i’ll stop Naira’s dance until you reach there, however by right manner

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