Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler News: Kartik And Naira’s Love Story Takes New Turn

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler News: Kartik And Naira's Love Story Takes New Turn

The one of the biggest show on the Star-plus which has shown ana amazing and great viewership throughout the running time of the tv series and every episode got the same response e like the very first and suspense filled one. The show which has got through a very long time gap and many things which seriously shocks many viewers because if they start watching it after even a very short time, they will go to miss many points and many highlights might get missed by them. The show is growing great and is getting an impressive response from the audience throughout the running period of 1 hour.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Spoiler News: Kartik And Naira's Love Story Takes New Turn

The upcoming episodes of this amazing show will go to count on some of the amazing turns which will go to see Vivaan trying to propose Gayu but before doing this he wants to make sure he gets the support of Naira and Karthik. both Karthik and Naira will go to arrange something very special for both of them and also to make sure vivaan gets a very impressive and great chance to reveal his feelings for Gayu.

Gayu who is unknown to this fact that she will be getting his love of life in a couple of minutes comes into her room and finds it very beautifully decorated. All the things were going great and as expected but suddenly of nowhere a short-circuit caused fire in their room and made them stop whatever they were doing. Vivaan was on his knees when all this happened, while he makes a run outside there with Gayu. He comes to know that Naira and Karthik are still inside and then he rushes to inside to take them out. When they were trying to run out of the home they remember that there are lots of gas cylinders in the home and even after knowing this Karthik tries his best to take out all the cylinder trying to not make the situation worse because the blast due to the cylinder will go to demolish everything.

The upcoming twist in the show is that Akshara has completed all her work and is back at home, and everyone is very happy because of an early return of Akshara and then she goes to Maheshwari home to celebrate the Janmashtami. Everyone at the Maheshwari home was very shocked and tensed because of Nanny’s behaviour and reactions while they all feel that he is changed now.

Akshara too finds this thing very strange and doubts too on this. Karthik and Akshara ties their bond again to find out why Nannu is doing this and will have to find out this at any cost, while they also plan to bring him on the right track. These things will be highlighted in the upcoming episodes.

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