YHM Ye Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Mani Shoots At Adi

Police come to Raman. Police say where are Aadi and we have to arrest them. Raman says he will be at home. Ishita says why will we make them meet Aadi as Aadi as not done anything. Ishita asks Mihir to go to the hospital. Mani and Shagun go to the hospital. The nurse tells someone has thrown chemical on her. Mani gets shocked.

Nurse says patient needs your support. They both goes in. Mani cries. Alia says its paining. Her hand was burnt. Police comes and says we doubt Aadi and we want to ask question from Alia. Doctor says no she is suffering from emotional trauma. Mani says everything will be fine.


Raman takes police to home. Toshi says what happened. Raman asks them to do their work. Raman tells them. Simmi says Aadi cannot do anything like this. Toshi cries. Police says Aadi is not at home. Raman says i cannot tell you. Police asks to tell them if Aadi came here. Toshi requests Police that he should not doubt Aadi as Alia is also our child. Ishita goes to Alia. Alia says she wants her here.

Ishita says i am not going anywhere as she is strong and her daughter. Doctor asks them to go out as she needs to check the doctor. Alia becomes scared. Ishita says she is strong. Ishita cries and goes out to Mani. Ishita says Alia will get fine. She reminds him that when she was small she always fought and she will not give up. Ishita tells she is worried of Aadi and Alia too. Ishita asks if he is listening. She says please be strong.

She tells we have to find who has done this with Alia. Police finds Aadi in car and he was uncauntious. Police takes him out and searches for proofs. Police gets bottle from car. Shagun calls Ashok and asks if he has done this. He says why he will do this. Shagun thinks may be Nidhi. Ashok says he was with Nidhi.

Shagun goes to Ishita. Shagun says you should have counsell Aadi. Shagun thinks she can blame Aadi if she wants Mani on her side. She says Aadi can do this as he has anger. Police comes and Mani asks if you know something. Police says we will go to ask Alia. Alia tells she doesnot know who threw that but he was wearing orange colour. Police takes Aadi to remand room. Police asks Ishita to come to the police station as Aadi is the prime suspect. Mani comes and asks to leave Aadi.

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