#YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2016 Episode Written Updates: Raman & Ishita Hugs Each Other

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In the last episode of Yai Hai Mohobatein, we had seen that Ishita and Raman are spying in Dadi’s house. Shagun is also keeping an eye on Dadi. Ishita gets tensed and says to Raman that Dadi is calling Adi but he is not awake till now. Then Adi comes out from the room in Tamil’s outfit. Ishita gets happy by seeing all this and they both leaves. Then Dadi asks them to go to the temple.

Later on Dadi, Adi and Aditi go to the temple and there Dadi shows Adi the steps and says that he have to take her along with him. Adi first gets tensed and says that thinks that he have to do this for everyone’s happiness. He lifts Dadi in arms and starts stepping up to the temple. Aditi looks at him and gets happy to see him doing this much for them. In the house, Ishita is tensed and waits for Adi’s call. Raman asks her to go with him and they both leave the office.


Adi then goes inside the temple and Dadi blesses him. She then says to Pandit Ji that today Adi will perform all the rituals. Adi and Aditi get happy and performs the rituals. Simmi is planning to gift a new gadget to Pihu and ask Ananya for the same. Ananya thinks on and then gets shocked when Simmi says her that she will get the best gift for Pihu. Ananya leaves for the school.

After the school, Shagun comes to pick Pihu. Ananya tries to talk to Pihu but Shagun takes her. In the meeting side, Shagun parks the car in no parking area and Pihu gets to sleep in it. Raman gets angry with Ishita’s talk and they reach to RTO office. There Raman ask Ishita to get her car back. Then the towing van gets Shagun car and Raman and Ishita get tensed to see Pihu in it. Pihu goes with the inspector and Ishita gets tensed.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Raman and Ishita get sad and Ishita tries to manage Raman. Raman says that today Pihu hates me. Ishita apologizes to Raman and cries hugging him. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Yai Hai Mohobatein like this.

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