YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th October 2016 Written Episode Udpates: Raman And Ishita Dances

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia acts and says i want to drink and i will get free from Appa’s house. She says we will get married then we will break marriage and we will do what we want. Boy becomes upset and goes. Alia laughs and thinks i cannot believe i did this and thank to Mihika. She thinks boy will say no for sure. Mani comes there. She hides bottle of wine. Mani says i don’t know what you did but Karan said you were acting but Karan said yes for wedding and he likes you. Alia says no listen to me. Mani says i will finalise the date. Aadi says That boy agreed to marry Alia.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinRomy shouts on Mihika and says what was that plan. Ishita says she was cute. Romy becomes so angry. Mihika says no how is this possible. Aadi gets call and says ok. He says Alia called me to meet. Ishita says asks her not to take any step. Alia says we can run and marry then. Aadi says we cannot do this. Alia says i cannot live without you. She says i have an option. I will try. Aadi says you have gone mad and this is not good. He hugs her and says i will not let this happen. She says do something. Aadi says trust me. Ishita asks what Alia said. He says Alia will die if this marriage will happen. Romy says how this can happen. Romy says why you are tensed. Aadi says this is my life.

He says we cannot do anything. Romy says Ishita can handle this. SHe says no one listens to me and i fougth with Raman. Romy says Raman is angry but we have to take him to our side. Ishita says he is so stubborn. They asks Ishita to talk to Raman. Ishita says i will not bow down. Mihir says Ishita is not wrong. Raman says she slapped me. Mihir says what is this and you said that she is bad mother. He says please say sorry to Ishita. Raman says i cannot do this. Mihir says its your mistake. Raman shouts. Mihir says how can you say like this and you are wrong if you will not say sorry then matter will go worst. Raman thinks everyone is giving lectures to me. Simmi becomes angry of Ananya

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