#YRKKH ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ Spoiler Updates: Whose Love Will Succeed For Karthik, Naira Or Gayu?


The latest twist which is going to get unveiled in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going to be on the occasion of Karwa Chauth and this episode will also go to be filled with lots of emotional attachment and love-sided fights and effort.

naira-yrkkhThe twist will go to bring some humor and lots of emotional tornadoes. As Naira, Naitik and Karthik are making a plan to surprise everyone. The thing is that everyone in the Singhania house is getting ready for the Karwa Chauth and are doing the celebrations and festivities for today. Akshara dressed up very beautifully as she is very happy to get Naitik back in his life after a very long time.

Then suddenly Naitik gets a call from the office and remembers that he has forgotten some file in the office, while Naira didn’t allow him to go back and ask Karthik to go and bring the file.

Naitik calls Karthik as her plan got successful of calling Karthik in the house as she wants to confess her love to him. Naira was very happy as Naitk calls and ask him to bring the file and then she gets beautifully dressed up as today will going to be the day for her confession.

Then Karthik comes into the Singhania house and meets to everyone but Naira is still very sad as she didn’t get the chance to tell her feelings to Karthik.

Then the twist comes which is about Gayu, as she is also making herself ready to confess her love to Karthik and she is also not getting enough time and chance to share here feelings to him. However Karthik was trying to avoid Naira, but they gets bumped into each other and then they come close for that time which got seen by Gayu and she got very upset because of Karthik and Naira’s close moment.

Now the question arises who will go to win Karthik’s heart Naira or Gayu.

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