Zika Virus reached Brazil two years before it was detected

Zika reached Brazil

The outbreak of deadly Zika Virus has put the countries across Central America in a state of panic. And now, a new study suggest that this devastating virus might have reached Brazil much earlier than previously thought.

According to the research report published in the Journal Science on March 27, 2016, it is believed that Zika virus reached in Brazil in 2013; previously it was believed that the virus first came to Americas in 2014.

The research team closely analyzed the airline figures and found that the introduction of the virus in the Americas is related to the uptick in the number of passengers. The current findings reveal that the outbreak is the result of a single carrier.

Researchers compared the strains of Zika in Brazil to other known cases of Zika, and they believe that it has a common ancestor or cause with another strain found in French Polynesia during November 2013. The study also indicates that the strains

The study also indicates that the strains has something more in common with Asian strains than the African one.

As of now, more than 30,000 people have been detected with Zika virus in Brazil, and it has created a major air of tension among neighboring countries as well. Many infants have been born in Brazil with congenital abnormalities, as their mothers had infection.

Zika virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947. According to experts, this deadly virus is being spread through mosquito bites.

In normal cases, the infected person usually shows no symptoms, while in some rare incidents, the victim will get a mild, week-long illness.

Recently, the mosquito that spread Zika virus was found in Southern United States, and this takes the alarm element to new heights.

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