Zindagi Ki Mahek 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Shaurya Comes To His Kitchen

Zindagi Ki Mahek

In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen Jeevan and Kanta are talking to the guard and ask him to let them go inside. Then Mahek comes there and they both gets happy. Kanta asks Mahek to tell that if she gets selected or not. Mahek thinks on and says tells them the whole incident. She recalls that how Shaurya tells her that she is disqualified and can go. Rajiv and Rekha stop him and says that we have to taste the dish for once. They taste the dish and gets happy. They tell Mahek that she is now qualified.

Zindagi Ki MahekKanta and Jeevan get happy to hear this and calls PD. PD and Mansi get happy and Pd says that we will make a sweet dish for Mahek today. Then Shaurya’s car come there and he signs Mahek in a rude way. Mahek thinks on at this. On the other side, Rajiv tells Shaurya that he must accept now that the girl has so many talents. Rajiv says that this is the time to accept her win. Shaurya gets angry and says that this time, we had broken the rule. Rajiv asks him to accept this in a positive way.

In the house, everyone is welcoming Mahek. They all dances and celebrate the moment. Sonal then notices that Mahek is sad but Mahek dances on. On the food table, Nehal comes and says that she wants to take admission in the fashion show. Ravi says that he will not gonna pay money for that. Then Nehal gets in anger and leaves.

Sonal comes to Mehak and asks her that what had happened to her. Mahek tells her about Shaurya’s nature to Sonal. Sonal says to Mahek that she must bear this all. Then Mahek messages Shaurya but he didn’t reply. Then the light went off on both their house and Shaurya gets in anger. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shaurya’s Dadi says her that a girl will come to feed you ice cream one day. Mahek gets the ice cream for the family on the other side. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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