Zindagi Ki Mahek 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Today: New Hope For Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mahek

In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek we had seen the contestants and the audience is waiting for the results. The anouncer then says that this is going to be really difficult. Mahek, Kanta and Pummi is praying to win the competition. Rajiv come in front and taste the dish. He likes it alot and ask Shaurya to taste it for once. Shaurya also taste it and says that likes it. Then they all gether around the stage.

Zindagi Ki MahekThe anouncer, announces the first and second runner up. Shaurya leaves from there and Rajiv is there to give the prize to the winners. Pummi then gets the first prize and everyone gets happy at this. Pammi looks at Miss Chawla and smirks. Mahek also gets very happy. Pummi gets the trophy but just then Miss Chawla comes infront and says that this dish is not made by this girl. She then shows the video to Rajiv and the announcer girl and says that she is not the real winner.

Pummi fumes and the announcer calls for Mahek. Mahek gets tensed at this and leaves from there. Rajiv then further announce that the winner of this competition is Miss Chawla. Rajiv then calls Mohit and ask him about his sister. Rajiv gets happy to know about the girl. Then the family come to Mahek and consoles her. Pummi also come there and starts scolding Kanta and Mahek badly. She shouts at them by which Kanta gets in anger and scolds her back. Pummi leaves and Nehal gets upset.

In the house Balwant starts scolding them. Later on Mahek come to Kanta and consoles her when she is crying badly. She goes back to her room and thinks about Pummi’s words. Rajiv is still thinking about the girl and says to Shaurya that she will be a perfect contestant for Delhi Cooking Chapionship. Shaurya tries to ignore him and Rajiv thinks on. Kanta then come to Mahek and Mahek ask her to scolds Pummi. Kanta do the same and smiles.

Now it will be interesting to see that did Kanta realises to give a chance to Mahek for prove herself in the world. When and how Shaurya and Mahek can get to know each other. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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