Zindagi Ki Mahek 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates ZKM: Shaurya Stops Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mahek

In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen that Mahek gets tired and she goes to the bed and posts some pics on her timeline of the Delhi hut event. Then after she gets a message from Shaurya and replies to him. They both talks about the event but didn’t talk in much detail. Then Shaurya says her that it is late and sleeping time. They both wishes each other and go to sleep.

Zindagi Ki MahekNext morning, Mahek is in the kitchen and uses the rice of last night to make the dish. In the hotel, Shaurya is shouting on his manager and says that why did she use stale rice to make the dishes. The manager apologises to him but he scolds her badly and asks  her to go out. Then Rajiv comes there and says that you can’t be so rude to someone. Rajiv says to Shaurya that he had to call someone to know about that girl. Then Pummi comes there with her husband and Rajiv goes to meet them.

Rajiv asks them about Mahek and Pummi neglects to tell him about Mahek and goes. Mahek is in the house and gone to Nehal’s room. Ajay is calling her and Nehal gets angry to see Mahek there. She scolds Mahek badly and Mahek leaves for her job. Rajiv is searching Mahek and then see her in the dabbha. Rajiv then comes to Mahek and ask her to make some dish. Mahek goes to make the dish and Rajiv calls Shaurya. He asks him to come there to taste the food.

Mahek goes to cook the food and but she is thinking about Nahel’s words. Then Shaurya comes there and they sit to have food. The owner serves the food they both starts shouting after eating the food. Mahek comes there and ask Shaurya not to taunt and comment on anyone. Shaurya comments on Mahek’s physics and then leaves. Mahek then tastes the food and says that this is really bad.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Mahek is working in Shaurya’s hotel. Shaurya is in anger and then see Mahek. Mahek gets tensed and turns to him. Now it will be interesting to see that did Shaurya scolds Mahek as well. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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