Zindagi Ki Mahek 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online ZKM: Rajiv Comes To Mahek’s House

Zindagi Ki Mahek

In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen that Shaurya is in his restaurant and gets angry on a chef. He says him that he is really depressed about the meet and he wants the desert to be the best. Then Rajiv comes to him and apologise that he had spoiled his mood. Rajiv says to him that he doesn’t that don’t have any intention to spoil your mood. In the hotel, Mahek is thinking about the incidence and tells her chachaji that she had mistaken. Then chachaji says her to go house and take some rest.

Zindagi Ki MahekNahel goes to the market with Kanta. She then goes to meet Ajay and hugs him. Ajay sees Kanta and Nehal see Pummi. They both gets shocked and Nehal gets to fall in the mud. Kanta comes to her and Nehal says that she is going house now. Mahek come house and Pd ask her about the problem. Mahek tells her everything and Pd ask her to go to his office and say sorry to him by taking some sweets.

Then Mahek talks to Shaurya from Fb but Shaurya is busy. Then Nahel comes to Mahek and Mahek caresses her leg. Nehal then apologises to her and helps her to find Shaurya’s restaurant’s address. Mahek smiles at this. Next morning she cooks the food and made a sorry slip. She goes to the restaurant and the guard stops her. Then a girl from staff come and takes Mahek inside.

The inspection officer arrives but doesn’t give any positive response for the dish. Shaurya gets tensed and goes to the kitchen. Mahek gets tensed to see him and tries to get escape. Shaurya sees her and stops her. Rajiv comes in the kitchen and says to the chef to serve what he had made as they don’t have any other option now. Then he sees the bag there and reads the slip.

Mahek gets tensed by Shaurya’s anger and says that she just come to say him sorry. Shaurya shouts on her and curses her badly. Mahek gets tensed and felt bad at his words. Shaurya asks him to get out and not to come here again. Mahek leaves and Shaurya looks on at her. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Rajiv tells Shaurya that Mahek makes the desert and because of that he gets a 5-star rating. Rajiv goes to Mahek’s house and says that I want Mahek to take part in cooking competition. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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