Zindagi Ki Mahek 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Mahek Messages Shaurya

In the last episode of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we had seen that Rajiv gets happy to taste the desert and ask the chef to serve it. The chef asks him about it and Rajiv says that God had sent this. They serve the desert to the food inspector and he gets happy to eat that desert. He says that this is really amazing and gives five stars to Shaurya’s hotel. Shaurya gets much happy and praises his chef. Rajiv reads the slip again and goes to meet Mahek.

Zindagi Ki MahekMahek is talking to Sonal and they both says bad words for Shaurya. Mahek gets shocked to see Rajiv there with police and gets scared. Sonal asks Mahek to run. Rajiv requests Dhaba manager to call Mahek. The manager scolds them and says that he will not let them  meet Mahek. Rajiv gets depressed and says that I have to find her. He goes to Mahek’s house. Sonal sees Rajiv coming and goes to her house. Mahek then sits outside of Sonal’s house and messages Shaurya who is thinking that why Rajiv says that Mahek had made that dish.

Rajiv goes to Mahek’s chacha’s shop and asks him about Mahek niwas. They both tell them and follows him. Mahek gets a call from Sonal who ask her to come back home soon. Rajiv tells the family that he has come there to ask something from them. Just then Mahek comes there and ask Rajiv not to send her to jail. Then Rajiv asks her not to worry and tells them that he wants Mahek to take a part in cooking competition.

Mahek goes in the kitchen and says to Kanta that she can’t do this. She goes outside and tells the same to Rajiv. Rajiv asks her to think for once more. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Shaurya tells Rajiv that the girl is lying and trapping you. Rajiv gets on thinking and tells him that she neglects for the participation. In the night Mahek messages Rajiv and says that hse wants to tell him about the cooking competition. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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