Zindagi Ki Mahek: Mehek Felt Sad At This! 27 September 2016 Written Updates

The last episode of Mahek starts with Mahek getting tensed as the guests are continuously questioning her about the food.  Mahek gets more nervous and then goes to the kitchen. In the house, Ravi is telling Mansi that we have to go to the showroom now. Mansi gets tensed and says that I feeling something wrong as it is not good to lie to the family. Ravi calls her mad and asks her to go with him.

mehekKanta is getting irritated and ask PD about Mahek. Pd tells her that Mahek is gone to her friend’s house for her engagement party. Kanta gets fumes at this and says that who will go to make food now. Ravi and Mansi go to the showroom and gets shocked when the manager says that their car gets burnt in the godown and it will take 2-3 days to get the new car. Ravi and Mansi think on at this.

Kanta then goes to Jeevan’s shop and ask about his work. Jeevan taunts her and says that Ravi is very careless for his work and can’t be able to get the good business as if he remain his shop close like this. Kanta gets angrier by this and comes back to home getting fume. Mahek comes there and she starts scolding her. She then sees Sonal’s parents there who tells her about the engagement party and praises Mahek for her cooking. Kanta gets on thinking about Mahek and says that don’t know when Mehek’s wedding will going to happen. She then taunts Mehek and asks her to loose some weight.

Mahek goes and gets angrier seeing her pic posted on Kadwa Karela Shaurya’s timeline. She fumes and messages him rudely saying that how he dare to do this. Shaurya replies him nicely and says that her tricks work and he gets a great sleep. Mahek felt sorry and ask him that will he become a friend of her. He agrees and Mahek tells him about the whole day. Shaurya didn’t reply and goes offline. Mahek gets on thinking and says that this boy is little weird.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Mahek’s two uncle gets in an argument about the dowry. His one uncle refuses to give the money for a dowry. Mahek gets sad at this and says to Pd that this thing hurt her badly. Now it will be interesting to see that what turn will now come in Mahek’s life. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mehek like this.

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