Zindagi Ki Mehek 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Sonal’s Father Asks Help From Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mehek

In the last episode of Mahek, we had seen Kanta is in Pummi’s house with her husband and making her understand their situation. She says that Mahek is a very decent and knowledgeable girl. On the other side, the people from the old age home come to take Balwant.  Balwant gets shocked and says that he will not go anywhere. Pummi is showing off in front of Kanta and Kanta says that I will manage more money for the marriage. They then get a call from  Nehal and Mohit and gets shocked knowing about the situation at home and rushes to home.

Zindagi Ki MehekIn the house Mehek and all trying to make PD understand. Kanta and Chacha come there and manage all the situation. They all then gets irritated. After then they all are sitting and talking to each other. Balwant blames PD and says that how can she do this to me. PD says that what about that you did with Mehek. She just needs your love but you are always in your anger. Mehek cries at this. Later on, Mehek is cooking in the kitchen and Pd comes to her. Mehek complaints her that she had done very wrong with Balwant.

Mehek then comes to Kanta and makes her understand the situation. She makes her smile and Kanta says to her that she is totally like her mother. Mehek then makes pakoras for everyone. Kanta comes there and says that Pummi demands high dowry. Pd says that it means they are greedy and didn’t let our Mehek happy. She then says that I will not support this and will not go to give anything. Mehek looks on.

Mehek then sees Kadwa Karela’s message and they both talk about their problems. Mehek tells him that her family is planning to make her marry a guy. Mehek then says that she is getting a feeling that she know him by a long time. The boy gets angry at this and unfriends her. Mehek gets shocked at his rude behaviour.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Mehek is gone to her friend’s engagement. Her father is in some tension and ask Mehek for help. Mehek agrees and says that she can do anything for Sonal. Now  it will be interesting to see that what turn did Mehek’s destiny takes. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Mehek like this.


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