Zindagi Ki Mehek 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates: Shaurya Comes Close To Mahek

Zindagi Ki Mehek

In the going episodes of Zindagi Ki Mahek, we are watching that Mahek’s life is getting a new turn with her selection in the India’s super cook competition. Her life is taking her towards Shaurya and on the other side Shaurya had to get much hatred for Mahek in his heart. The show had to get a slow start but it seems to be running at  a great speed. The story plot is really interesting where some things are still under suspense about Shaurya.

The last episode starts with everyone in the house are disturb by the electricity cut-off. Mohit calls the electricity office and informs them the light will come tomorrow. They all then thinks to sleep in lawn and gathers there. They all starts playing antakshiri and Mahek gets happy at this. She goes to get something for them. Kanta is tensed and Pd asks her about the reason for her tension. Kanta says that tomorrow Mahek have to go for the competition and I am tensed for that.

Zindagi Ki Mahek

Mahek plans to make ice cream for everyone. In Shaurya’s house, her grandmother goes to get the ice cream. Shaurya comes and says to her that she must care for her health first. Her grandmother says that one day a girl come who will make you eat kulfi. On the other side, Mahek gets Kulfi for everyone. All other gets happy by this.

Shaurya’s dad stop him and ask for the investment meeting. Shaurya scolds her and says that he must care for him 12 hours before. Next morning Mahek gets ready for the competition and watch some videos on her phone. She then gets ready. Shaurya is ready and says to her grandmother to take care of her health. He leaves. Mahek is in the car with Kanta and all others. The car then gets stop and Mahek says that she will reach there herself. She goes to take a taxi and then gets collided with Shaurya’s car.

A crowd gathers there and they all starts scolding Shaurya. Mahek stops them all and Shaurya says that it was all her planning. He then asks her that it’s only 20 minutes remaining now and reach if you can. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Mahek is nervous and begs Shaurya for a chance. She says that she can do anything to prove herself. Shaurya gets close to her and says that prove me you can do anything. Mahek looks on at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mahek like this.

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